Clovelly Country Club

Clovelly Country Club has long been one of the Giltedge Golf & Safari team‘s favourite Cape Town golf courses and you’ll often find it included in our Wine, Golf & Safari experiences. Situated in the beautiful valley of Clovelly the course is only 45 minutes away from the city and 20 minutes from the Constantia Winelands.

One of the great attractions for me is that the course is not surrounded by noisy roads and the hustle & bustle of city life, very few courses have that luxury these days!

The Clovelly Golf Course is now in its 84th year and continues to improve like fine Cape wines. It is a relatively short course (5890m from the tips) but caters for all golfers and is a must play when visiting Cape Town. Its hard to choose my favourite holes as I love them all however the 4th, 7th & 14th stand out for me.

The Par Four 4th – 337m

A relatively short par four that requires a good drive and a better second shot! The fairway is narrow and slopes toward the out of bounds markers on the left, it is worth trying to get your tee shot as far down the fairway as possible to make your second shot easier as the green is protected by a bunker short left, a small dam in the front and a stream on the right. If you’re not a long hitter play it as a 3 shot Par four, most high handicappers do because of its low stroke.

The Par Four 7th – 359m

There are many great driving holes at Clovelly Golf Course but the 7th is visually the best! This dog leg left begs for a draw off the tee but because of the prevailing wind (the South Easter which blows left to right) you often have to start your tee shot over the trees that run up the left of the dog leg and ride the wind to the middle of the fairway. The new green complex has two distinctive tiers which makes it a challenge and is a classic clove shape. The 7th is also a low stroke, take 2 putts and run!

The Par Four 14th – 296m

A great risk & reward short par four that normally plays downwind toward a small green guarded by bunkers. There are two ways to play this hole, lay up off the tee to a generous landing area about 110m into the hole or if you’re feeling brave get the driver out and give it all you’ve got! If you go for the first option favour the right side of the fairway as there are two dams on the left followed by out of bounds all the way to the green. The green is fairly flat and if you leave yourself anything from 20ft you have a good chance of making the putt … its an easy game after all!

Clovelly Country Club is well known for its warm hospitality and you can be rest assured Paul Stoner (Golf Director) and his team will take good care of you during your visit. The most important hole of all is waiting for your arrival … the 19th!

The view from Clovelly Golf Club
The view from the 19th hole
15th green at Clovelly Country Club
Looking back at the 15th green
The 15th at Clovelly
The 15th
Clovelly golf clubhouse
The walk up 18 toward the clubhouse

Pictures above were taken on Sunday the 6th of August 2017 at Clovelly Country Club.

Written by Warren Weitsz