Our very first Blog!

To Blog or not to Blog … that has been a question we’ve had on the table for years and we’ve avoided it for some reason, maybe because we don’t see ourselves as the “Blogger” types. However as I watched the sun rise on a crisp winter’s morning today in Cape Town I knew the procrastination had to stop eventually and today is as good a day as any to get the ball rolling.

Its been an incredibly busy year, January the 1st feels like yesterday and in the last few months Adam has been East (China) and I have been West (USA & Canada). The goal is the same, engage with like minded companies & travellers who are interested in the very best Wine, Golf & Safari experiences in Southern Africa!

Cape Town is a buzz with activity at the moment as we all anticipate the arrival of our summer clientele. We are eagerly looking forward to a few new properties opening in the City and V&A Waterfront, the new Radisson Red for instance is an exciting prospect that we think our golfers are going to love! We are not so eagerly waiting for the Western Cape courses to start their post winter hollowtining programs (less time on the fairways and more time in the office coming up!) however we know it has to happen in order for the courses to be in tip top condition when our International golfing visitors arrive from mid September.

The winter months are beautiful in Cape Town but we are very much looking forward to summer. I will be hosting our US Representative on a road trip from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town later this month and will be visiting Founders Lodge by Mantis, Pezula & Fancourt amongst others. I will report back on my return!

Written by: Warren Weitsz